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Jay-Z Says It’s Okay To Be Upset With Him, He Fights Social Injustice Everyday


Little is known about what happened at the meeting between the NFL commish and Jay-Z as people were not allowed to record it. Clearly someone recorded the meeting because a video clip of Jay-Z speaking, has found its way to the internet with many of his supporters posting it on their timelines. In the video Jay-Z says, it’s a natural emotion to be upset but where do we go now?…There’s 365 days last year. I can tell you the amount of people I saved from jail, I can tell you I got this person out..but after we address it, what are we doing? Jay-Z says he is use to being in the hot seat. He used his streaming platform Tidal as an example of something people didn’t understand or like. He says that he shows up and does the work.

Read Jay-Z used to being on the hot seat here

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