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Seventy-Four-Year-Old Gives Birth To Twin Girls


Ladies here’s is another story that defies the myth of the biological clock.  She’s a first-time mom and now the oldest woman to ever give birth. She gave birth to twin girls. Seventy-five-year-old Mangayamma Yaramati opted for IVF after a neighbor in her 50’s tried it successfully.  She and her husband were never able to conceive naturally. The Washington Post reports it was a source of guilt and she felt that others in India looked down upon her as if she had done something wrong. The twins were delivered via c-section and all are reportedly doing fine. However, health experts have raised concerns about doctors allowing the woman to carry the babies to term. Other outlets report her age to be 73 or 74. Either way, she still sets the record.  Would you try having children at that age?

75 Year Old Woman Give Birth to Twins

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