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Kevin Hart & Pals Involved In Horrific Crash Lawyer-Up!


Kevin Hart is back at home after a devastating car accident several weeks ago. The comedian had been in an in-patient rehabilitation center after surgery to repair three spinal fractures. While Kevin is recuperating he has retained a lawyer and according to so have the passengers in the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that crash early morning on September 1st. Kevin could be sued by his friends for negligence even though he wasn’t driving. Kevin on the other hand may be going to sue the car company; the vehicle lacked  safety harnesses or airbags. Hart’s wife Eniko’s personal trainer Rebecca Broxterman and her fiance, Jared S. Black sustained injuries from the crash and have hired attorneys. Jared S. Black was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash. If the couple is planning to sue Kevin Hart it proves that these are the type of friends you don’t need.

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