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Six Flags Reportedly Paying Couples $600 To Lie In Coffin 30 Hours


In honor of the great Fright Fest tradition at Six Flags, they have added to the Coffin Challenge. This year, they are doing a ’30-hour Couples Coffin Challenge.’  The winner will receive $600 for laying in a coffin for 30 hours. But wait, there’s a catch- A LOT of catches! Your significant other can only be in the coffin with you when the park is open. Once the park closes, you are on your own. No technology. No smartphones, Apple Watches or headphones in coffin. You can get out of the coffin during designated bathroom and meal breaks only. You also get a “Get Out of the Coffin” free card. You can use it anytime during the 30 hours. It will allow you to get out of the coffin for six minutes. But wait–THERE’S MORE! Provided you make it through the 30 hours in the coffin, now you have to lay in a coffin covered in worms, go into a haunted house alone and  stick your hand in a bucket to find a specific item. In the event there is a tie, there will be a head-to-head challenge eating a spicy hot sauce sandwich. Whoever eats the sandwich the fastest wins the $600. Is $600 enough money for this challenge?

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