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New Study: Onions & Garlic May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk


They sure don’t smell good and will bring you to tears but they could save your life. In fact a new study says that onions and garlic may be the answer to reducing your chance of developing breast cancer. According to a recent study by the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Buffalo by consuming the flavorful vegetables you can reduce your risk by 67% . The study focused on Puerto Rico, since it has the lower breast cancer rates compared to the United States. Puerto Rican women consume a lot of onions and garlic in their meals, which include the popular condiment called sofrito, found in dishes such as stews and made from beans, and rice. Due to their antioxidant and enzyme-producing properties, onions and garlic both pack a punch that can knock out carcinogens.

With breast cancer deaths 40% higher for black woman than white women it is surely worth a cry.

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