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Fan’s Upset Kanye West’s $55 ‘Brunchella’ Fail [PHOTO]


Kanye West was in Louisiana Friday night when things took a sharp left turn. He was there for his outdoor service. It was free as it always is but someone thought it would be a good idea to offer something called “Brunchella” for $55. According to the angry patrons on social media, one person described the Brunchella as, 2 pieces of fake bacon, pale sausage and pancakes dry as Popeyes biscuit. Someone else wrote, Kanye’s $55 Brunchella meal making the Fyre Festival sandwich look good. To add insult to injury, the VIP section for ‘Sunday Service’ was on a hill not near the stage and Kanye was late. The show was suppose to start at 6:00pm and as of 7:30pm he had not arrived yet. Doors for the event opened at 5:00pm. Not sure how they are calling that “brunch.”  Bunch is now an evening event and the food looks like this.

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