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Worries Of Draft Crashes Selective Service Website


After a U.S. airstrike that killed the head of Iran’s Qud Force Friday, the Selective Service website crashed after an uptick in traffic volume. The Selective Service is the agency that registers American males aged 18-25 to be potentially drafted into the army.  The website’s increased traffic came almost immediately after news of Soleimani’s death spread and in conjunction with “World War III” trending on Twitter. U.S. officials say the airstrike prevented a war, which Iranian officials say “was tantamount to war.” The draft hasn’t been conducted since 1973.

This is not the same world we live in like 1973 and the military may be surprised at the number of people that are of age but not physically eligible to enlist. These kids have asthma and epidemic levels of  obesity. Remember is you are gay Donald Trump doesn’t want you in the military. How do you think Americans would react if the government announces a draft in 2020?

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