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Tommy Davidson Memoir “Jamie Foxx Mistreated Me”


Comedian Tommy Davidson is releasing his memoir entitled,┬áLiving in Color. It comes out on January 28th. In it he shares multiple stories of how Jamie Foxx wasn’t very nice to him. He shared a story from the set of In Living Color during a sketch when Jamie Foxx played the character of Wanda. During the sketch, Wanda was giving Tommy’s character a massage. Tommy says that during the sketch Jamie tried to rip his underwear off leaving him naked so others would laugh. It didn’t stop on the set of In Living Color. It carried over to the movie screen when they filmed Booty Call. On the set they had to be separated when the two almost got into a fight. Tommy wrote that he would like to believe that Jamie is a better person now. Do you have someone from your past that always knew how to get on your nerves and get a reaction out of you? Read more here

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