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The Teddy Riley/Babyface Battle That Never Happened


This battle has been weeks in the making; Teddy Riley’s music catalog vs Babyface’s catalog. It was originally postponed because Babyface came down with COVID-19. The battle was then re-scheduled for Saturday night. When you logged into Teddy’s live you saw from the gate this was about to be something. He had a FULL band and TV production. At times during the very short lived battle, Teddy was playing the keyboard along to some of this hits. Immediately there were sound issues that cause the battle to be halted; restarted then halted again. It was later revealed that Teddy was trying to stream the battle on his website while also being on IG live with Babyface. The set up caused echoing. At one point the battle was halted for 30 mins. Babyface was the definition of patience who never returned. He posted a video saying he had fun but he was out. Social media roasted Teddy Riley for the rest of the night and all of Sunday morning. Toni Braxton even jumped in asking, Now it’s no sound. We gotta wait 7 whole days for this? Of course she is referencing her Babyface written hit “Seven Whole Days.”

The Battle returns Monday at 7pm on Instagram!


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