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Prosecutor Dismisses Charges Against Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend


New developments out of Louisville, Kentucky in the case of Breonna Taylor. Charges against Kenneth Walker, boyfriend of Breonna Taylor have been dropped. Backstory: Breonna Taylor, 26 year old EMT in Louisville was asleep in her apartment with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker when cops entered the apartment on a “no-knock warrant.”  Waking up out of his sleep, Kenneth reached for his gun and fired at an officer, Breonna was shot 8 times and died.  Kenneth thought they were being robbed; did not know they were officers. Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine said his office will move to dismiss the Preview (opens in a new window)case against Kenneth. The warrant was for man police already had in custody; but Kenneth was charged with attempted murder and assault on officers. Wine said the grand jury should have seen more information before indicting Kenneth.


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