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Betsy DeVos Vows To Have Schools Open In Fall


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was on CNN Sunday. She said she intends for schools to open for in-person classes this fall. She believes it can be done safely. The CDC never recommended that schools close in the first place. Where there are hot spots in the future, in the fall, of course that has to be dealt with differently. She agrees with President Trump in saying that funds should be withheld from schools that do not open in the fall. We can all agree student need to be in school but DeVos didn’t have a plan or even national guidelines to protect children, teachers and school staff. In fact during this pandemic medical staff at hospitals don’t have enough PPE to operate safety, how are teachers going to be protected.  Schools can’t guarantee that children won’t contract the virus or spread to family members at home.

She doesn’t seem to understand returning to school is dangerous for American children.

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