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Trump Threatens To Have Sheriff’s At Polling Place Outcry Of Jim Crow Era


The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law have denounced President Trump’s threat to place law enforcement officials at polling places during the election, calling it “voter intimidation”. Kristin Clarke, the civil rights group’s President, in a statement shared on Twitter, wrote Friday “Federal law enforcement, sheriffs, U.S. attorneys…have NO place inside our polls on Election Day.  This is tactic intended to intimidate voters and chill voter turnout.” Clarke added “This is an old, familiar tactic pulled right from the Jim Crow playbook and often specifically targeted at Black voters and voters of color.”  The group plans to use every federal law they can, including the Voting Rights Act, to ensure Trump’s threat doesn’t become a reality. Be sure that President threatening law enforcement at polling places because he is a not sure about his chances of winning, a second term.

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