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Cops Involved in George Floyd’s Death Turn On Each Other


The four Minneapolis police officers who brought hundreds of thousands of people together to protest the death of George Floyd have reportedly turned on each other. Appearing in court Friday, attorneys for Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, J. Kueng and Tou Thao pointed their fingers at the other officers, each claiming their client wasn’t responsible for Floyd’s death. Lawyers for Lane and Kueng say their clients were rookies and only following Chauvin’s lead; Thao’s attorney says his client was on crowd control and the other three are responsible for murdering Floyd; and Chauvin’s lawyer argues that Lane and Kueng are accountable because they arrived first, but didn’t call for paramedics when they suspected Floyd was overdosing. Had they got him help, he wouldn’t have died under the pressure of Chauvin’s knee, the attorney claims. Although the current plan is to try the suspects together, each of their attorneys has filed a request to try his client separately.

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