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Study: Only 42 Percent of Black Americans Plan To Get Vaccinated [WATCH]


Seven out of every 10 Black Americans know someone who’s been hospitalized or has died from COVID-19, a new poll reveals. Despite the high percentage, only 42 percent of Black Americans plan on getting vaccinated, the Pew Research poll indicates. “They want to know and have real reasons for trust,” says Dr. Reed Tuckson, cofounder of the Black Coalition Against COVID. “They want to know that the process is going to be fair, that they are not being guinea pigs to a system that is rigged against them.”

We are a long way since Tuskegee, in fact a Black woman is one of the lead scientists who developed the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett or “Kizzy” Corbett from the National Institute of Health is the lead scientist for the institution’s coronavirus vaccine research. Dr. Corbett is a part of the team that worked on the biotechnology for Moderna on one of the vaccines expected to be available before 2021.

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