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Keyshia Cole Has Found Love Again And She Has The Hickey To Prove It


Keyshia Cole has a new love in her life and showed the result of it via Insta story. Cole showed off a hickey with the caption “Next time make it darker bae”. The singer’s bite mark didn’t sit too well with some fans which commented that she was too “old” for this type of display. Another fan tweeted “Not too old…but damn Keyshia why we had to know and see”. Cole doesn’t care about what others think and expressed that in a tweet that read “If I were regular would it have mattered? Hey man. It is what it is. Love is in the air. And that’s ok. People be so caught up and judging….which is fine. I no longer live for the world or my fans. I live FOR ME!”

It’s good to see Keyshia happy again!

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