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Lauren London Speaks On Her ‘Forever Stronger’ Puma Collection


Lauren London recently opened up about her new Puma Collection called ‘Forever Stronger’, which was inspired by her healing. She said, “Forever Stronger is an affirmation. It’s just for you to walk around with a message that can remind yourself or somebody else that’s reading your hoodie or your T-shirt. And it’s easy, simple pieces you can wear.” She continued, “Puma was so caring and respectful and very gentle with me and gave me the creative freedom to choose my collaborators and control how I wanted to announce the partnership. We didn’t want to make a blank announcement. We wanted it to be authentic and for it to mean something. And Forever Stronger is such a message that is really authentic to me.” Lauren London also opened up about wanting to do more things than just acting. She wants to make sure whatever projects she is involved in have a purpose and are true to herself.

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