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Serena Williams Will Not Play In Tokyo Olympics


Serena Williams has joined several other top-rated tennis stars and has announced she will not be playing in the Tokyo Olympics. Serena has won 4 Olympic Gold metals in the Summer Games for the United States. Her record is impressive, dominating singles and doubles in London Olympics in 2012, and doubles with sister Venus in Sydney Olympics  in 2000 and Beijing Olympics in 2008.  While speaking to reporters, she said, “I’m actually not on the Olympics list, not that I’m aware of. And if so, then I shouldn’t be on it. There’s a lot of reasons that I made my Olympic decision. I don’t really want to … I don’t feel like going into them today. Maybe another day. Sorry.” She continued by adding, “In the past, it’s been a wonderful place for me, but I really haven’t thought about it, so I’m going to keep not thinking about it.”

Rapheal Nadal also will not play in Tokyo while Naomi Osaka will play for Japan.

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