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Sandra Bullock Says She Still Has A Lot To Learn About Racism


During Sandra Bullock’s appearance on the ‘Red Table Talk’, Sandra talked about her children and how she wished that her children and her had the same skin color. She said, “To say that I wish our skins matched, sometimes I do.”
Bullock continued, “As a white parent who loves her children more than life itself, I know I am laying existential anxiety on them, I have to think about what they’re going to experience leaving the home. They’re going to have my fear, but how can I make sure that my anxiety is accurate, protective?” She added, “With Lou, being a young Black man, at one point, sweet funny Lou is going to be a young man, and the minute he leaves my home I can’t follow him everywhere. I will try. I’m joking, but I’m not.”
Sandra also said, “I let him see everything. I let him process it. He knows how the world works. He knows how cruel it is, he knows how unfair it is, and Laila knows. I let them teach me and tell me what they need to know. I thought I was educated and woke, I thought I had it all. I wasn’t.”
Sandra Bullock’s new movie ‘The Unforgivable’ is now streaming on Netflix!


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