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‘Sometimes it Be Ya’ Own Mini!’: Serena Williams Shares Tennis Prep With Olympia


While Serena Williams is training for her comeback, she’s also working with her next competitor, her daughter Olympia.  In a 20-second video, Serena is seen getting ready to serve the tennis ball. The camera then flashes to Olympia standing on the court with her legs spread wide and crouched down to get ready for the ball to come her way. Serena serves the ball which goes over Olympia’s shoulder as she attempts to hit it. “Sometimes it be ya own mini,” Williams captioned on Instagram. “I refuse to believe @olymphiaohanian missed that.” Olympia’s father, Alexis Ohanian commented. Fans wondered if the video was for Nike or if it was a sign that Serena was on her way back to the tennis court professionally. “Ready for the return, QUEEN.” Another added, “It’s time for the 24th Grand Slam title. Let’s go, Serena.”


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