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Lizzo Invited To Perform At James Madison’s Home After Playing Crystal Flute


Conservatives were upset over Lizzo playing President James Madison’s 209-year-old flute, they’re really about to be up in arms when they find out Madison’s Montpelier estate has asked the singer to perform at his Virginia estate. Lizzo has been invited to explore Madison’s estate after making history with his crystal instrument. The estate is hoping Lizzo can plan to perform or do an impromptu jam session. Lizzo has just embarked on her tour, so the timing may not line up for her, but the estate thinks there isn’t anyone more deserving than Lizzo to play at the estate and hopes she can play the crystal flute, which they’ve dubbed “a flute for royalty.” Conservatives claimed that by including such a rare artifact in her performance, she denigrated American history.

I’m not sure Lizzo should take the Madison estate up on their offer to perform the former plantation but it is a nice gesture.



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