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Ledisi Earns Honorary Doctorate From Berklee College Of Music


You can now call the Grammy Award-winning artist Dr. Young. For her influence on soul and R&B,  her impact on future generations of musicians, and for her work beyond the stage, Ledisi has received an honorary doctorate. “I’m just gonna speak from the heart. I learned a few things along the way of resilience in my career,” she began. “The entire time I’ve been told, you’re not pretty enough. You’ll never make it. And I’m still here. I almost quit and I used that pain to write a song that gave me my first Grammy nomination.” “I want you to remember as you go along your journey, that there will be people that will tell you who you should be, who you are, and where you should go, and how you should feel about yourself. But what matters is how what you think about yourself,” she asserted. Congratulations Dr Ledisi and the entire Class of 2024.

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