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Oprah’s Interview With Barbara Bush [WATCH]

Mourners gathered in Texas to pay tribute and say goodbye the former, First Lady of The United States of America Barbara Bush.  Barbara Bush died at her Houston home this past Tuesday at the age of 92. Oprah spoke with Mrs. Bush in 1989 on how to prepare to be the ‘First Lady’.

Trevor Noah: Arrested For Doing Nothing

After Philadelphia police arrested two Black men for sitting in Starbucks everyone has been outraged. This event has brought much needed attention to the problems of racial profiling in this country. Checkout The Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah’s take on “Arrested For Doing Nothing.”

Towanda Braxton Suing Vince For Shady… [WATCH]

Things are heating up when Towanda Braxton finds out that Vince has a shady business arrangement that left her out and sister Traci out of proceeds from a song they wrote and sang for the television series. It gets a little tricky for the sister in Braxton Family Values.

Watch Beyonce’s Epic Coachella Performance

It was a historic night for Queen Bey. The epic Coachella performance lasted nearly two hours. Beyonce reunited with Destiny’s Child, sang the Black National Anthem, quoted Malcolm X, gave us an HBCU step show, a marching band, brought  out Jay-z and Solange. I didn’t mean to leave out more than 100 dancers performer too…. Read more »

Jay-Z Wants To Help Pay For College

Did you know that Jay-Z’s Sean Carter Foundation provides scholarship for high school seniors and undergraduate students to attend college. The foundation’s mission is to help under-privileged youth further their education. To be eligible you must be: under the age of 25, a permanent U.S. citizens and have a minimum GPA of 2.0. College is out… Read more »

What We Learned From Mark Zuckerberg Hearings?

Mark Zuckerberg testified in Washington for 10 hours between the House and Senate, but did we learn anything new?  I don’t think so, in fact it was really interesting to watch law-maker’s try to ask questions about privacy and using the social media platform that obviously they never have used. There were a  lot of… Read more »

Jay-Z On Relationship With Kanye [WATCH]

Jay-Z sat down with David Letterman on the Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”. Jay comes clean about his friend Kanye and how the long-time friendship has evolved over the years.

Facebook Is Scanning Your Messages [WATCH]

If you thought think your Facebook Messenger conversations are private chats between two people think again. Facebook confirmed last week that it uses an automatic tool to scan illegal activities and malware. Even though that sounds like a reasonable safeguard your interactions across the platform is not private.  Scanning for safety is one thing saving… Read more »

Prince Mural Unexpectedly Blooms With Floral ‘Fro

A tribute to Prince has expectantly bloomed into a beautiful bush full of Spring flowers. The Sacramento, California artist created the mural in her front yard two years ago as a tribute to the late singing icon. Easter Sunday the tribute came to life and bloomed into a crown, perfect for the Royal One. The… Read more »

Why Trump’s “Drain The Swamp” Is A Joke [WATCH]

Donald Trump pledged to hire the “best people” and “drain the swamp” but is that really what’s going on or is it a hoax?  If you are paying attention you may agree that this administration is doing exactly the opposite. Several of his cabinet appointee’s have been caught recklessly spending tax-payer dollars living the high-life…. Read more »