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Basketball Player Learns He’s Pregnant On Drug Test

Basketball Player learns he is expecting when the result of his drug test came back positive. Here’s some obvious advice to any male players hoping to join professional hoops; if you gotta fake a drug test, make sure the pee doesn’t reveal that you’re carrying a bun in the oven.  Former Ohio star D.J. Cooper… Read more »

9 Dead In Dayton Ohio Another Domestic Terror Shooting

AP Photo/John Minchillo) I’m am so sorry to bring you more bad news this morning. In less than 14 hours police in Dayton Ohio have responded to another domestic terrorist, mass shooting. According to CNN at least 9 dead, 26 injured after a gunman opened fire in downtown Dayton.  Dayton police were alerted of the… Read more »

Sex Trafficking Victim Cyntoia Brown To Be Freed Next Week

Finally! Sex trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown to be freed next week.  The 16-year-old Tennessee girl who killed her sex-trafficker will be released from jail next week.  Cyntoia Brown was sentenced to 15 years in jail but was granted clemency by Governor Bill Haslam after Kim Kardashian and Rihanna highlighted her story on social media.  Cyntoia,… Read more »

Multiple People Killed In Shooting In El Paso [VIDEO]

According to police multiple people have been shot in El Paso, Texas. El Paso Mayor Dee Margo told CNN that three suspects were taken into custody. Police responded to an active shooter at Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall At least 11 people have been taken to the local hospital. El Paso has always been one… Read more »

Terry & Rebecca Crews Reveal Secret To Long Marriage

Terry Crews and wife Rebecca have a rare Hollywood marriage, rare in that it has lasted nearly three decades. It is hard to believe that when they first met Rebecca had Terry in the “friend zone”.  Thirty years, 5 kids and one grandchild later they are growing strong. The former NFL player, comedian and actor has… Read more »

See If You Need To File Claim Equifax Data Breach

Credit Bureau Equifax has been ordered to pay consumers that were impacted by the Data Breach as a part of the settlement. The settlement  are part of the $575 to $700 million with the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 48 states. Indiana and Massachusetts are still pursuing individual lawsuit against the… Read more »

Motherhood Calls: Keyshia Cole Is Stepping Away From Social Media

Keyshia Cole is stepping away for a good reason. The singer is preparing to deliver her second child any day. On Friday, July 26th she posted on Instagram feeling drained today. 5 days away from delivery. Gonna rest and take some time alone and just breathe. She has been experiencing “Braxton Hicks” which are false contractions…. Read more »

Tamar Defends Bae After Trip To Nigeria [WATCH]

Tamar Braxton and her boyfriend seem very happy and in love as they attended a wedding in his home of Nigeria over the weekend. That didn’t stop her fans from stirring the pot by saying Nigerian men always have more than one wife; insinuating that David Adefeso probably had a wife and kids in his… Read more »