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Donald Trump Signs MLK Jr Day Proclamation

Hours after the report surfaced that President Donald Trump made another racist comment about African nations and Haiti he signed the Martin Luther King Jr. proclamation. How awkward and inappropriate! The reporters in the room had a few questions that went unanswered by the president.  Pictured at Trump’s side is the nephew of Martin Luther… Read more »

Is Nicki Minaj Silent On H & M?

Celebrities and entertainers have been dropping their support for the H & M brand with the quickness. The controversy began last week after the company released an ad using a black model wearing a sweatshirt that said “coolest monkey in the jungle”.  The Weeknd dropped his endorsement of the clothing brand but fans haven’t heard… Read more »

Meet The Warriors Of ‘Black Panther’ [WATCH]

Marvel just released another sneak peek at ‘Black Panther’ and I am too jazzed about it. This will be the eighteenth film to be released by Marvel Studios. Meet the ‘Warriors of Wakanda.’ Starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Danai Gurira, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o.  This movie is breaking down… Read more »

Trump Defender Calls Don Lemon Lazy!!!!

During a conversation about racism Don Lemon’s guest called him lazy. John Frederick quickly found out that Don wasn’t haven’t it! We all know what the code word “lazy’ means when address minorities.  As if this country didn’t already have a race problem this week the  President of United States threw gas on the race-relations… Read more »

What You Need To Know About The Flu

Dallas County has reported that 11 people died from flu so far this season. In December Dallas County Health & Human Services sounded the alarm that it could be the worst flu season ever in North Texas. Did you get a flu shot?  So far we have had more reports of flu than any other… Read more »

2018 Golden Globes The Ones To Watch

The 2018 Golden Globes could be a double win for Mary J Blige. The singer/actress  is nominated for Best Actress in A Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture for ‘Mudbound’ and Mary sings  ‘Mighty River’ which is nominated for Best Original Song from a Motion Picture with the song’s writer Raphael Saadiq.  Raphael Saadiq is… Read more »

2017 Scandal Final Season

Before I say goodbye to another year I have to pay tribute to Olivia Pope and ABC’s hit television show Scandal. 2017 brought us the last season of provocative drama. Scandal producer Shonda Rhimes broke down so many hollywood norms and gave women of color a boost in the industry with its prime-time ratings. The… Read more »

2018 New Years Eve Around The World [WATCH]

If you don’t have big plans or you think it might be too cold to go out to celebrate the New Year don’t worry.  It is already a brand new year somewhere, so let the party begin. Watch the New Year’s Eve celebrations live from around the world! Happy New  Year! #LIVELIFESMOOTH2018  

Apple Apologizes For Slowing Down Old iPhones

Apple today apologized to its customers for slowing down the performance on older iPhone models. The company said it would discount replacement batteries for some models after a series of lawsuits stating that Apple had unfairly pushed consumers to upgrade their phones. I don’t need a battery, I need some of my money back when I… Read more »

Texas #1 In Nation With Flu Cases

Can you believe Texas tops the nation in active flu cases. It seems like everybody is sick or has been sick. It’s a fact that the number of flu cases is on the rise across the state of Texas and in the Dallas area. In fact, Texas is ranked No. 1 in the nation for… Read more »