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Ayesha Curry’s Secret To Long Marriage [VIDEO]

Ayesha Curry the wife of NBA, MVP Stephen Curry says the secret to their successful marriage is she puts her marriage first even before the kids. Ayesha admits it was difficult at first, “it goes against the parental instinct”, she said but they manage to make the marriage and each other is the priority.  If… Read more »

Love & Basketball: Ayesha & Steph Curry [Watch]

Get peek inside the world of  NBA champion Steph Curry. He can do more than shoot a three-pointer, he is able to balance love and basketball.  That’s how you live life smooth. He makes it look like so much fun and we love it! #RelationshipGoals

Stephen A Smith Takes On Ayesha Curry

Stephen A Smith gives his opinion on Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry’s criticism of NBA refs on twitter. The problem is his analysis is that he compared Ayesha to Savannah James, Lebron James’ wife. His description of how a (NBA) wife is to behave is a little alarming.