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Barack Obama Remains The Most Admired Man

He may no longer be our president but he is still in our hearts.  In a new Gallup poll former President Barack Obama was again has been chosen as the Most Admired Man. The December poll showed that despite losing her bid for President, Hillary Clinton is the Most Admired Woman too. This is the… Read more »

Barack Obama Surprises Local Boy & Girls Club

President Barack Obama surprised the children at the Boys & Girls Club in Northeast Washington last week. Check out this heart-warming video that show the generosity of the former president dresses in a Santa hat. There were about 50 kids that had the experience of a lifetime and received gifts from the 44th President Of… Read more »

Barack Obama Gets Jury Summons

Former President Barack has been relatively low-key since leaving office. After 8 years in the White House you would think that his public service duties had been fulfilled.  Now he has been called to perform his basic civic duty by receiving a summons for Jury Duty from Cook County Illinois. Can you imagine reporting for… Read more »

Read Letter Barack Obama Left For Donald Trump

When Barack Obama left the White House he left a letter of advice and congratulations for the incoming president. The letter was left in the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Considering that Donald Trump tried to undermine the entire presidency of Barack Obama it was a class move to extend advice and good will… Read more »

[Watch] Crowd See President Obama And Goes….

President Barack Obama and wife Michelle are back in the United States after nearly a month long vacation on a private island. Obviously I’m not the only one missing the 44th President of the United States. Watch the crowd go crazy when they get a glimpse of him in New York City. It appears that… Read more »

[WATCH] Barack Obama Advise Himself In 2009 LOL!!

How many times have you wished you could have given a younger you advice after the fact. If only you knew then what you know now. Check out the very creative and hilarious Jimmy Fallon clip of President Barack Obama giving advice to himself in 2009.  

President Obama Drops The Mic! #WHCD [WATCH]

It was the final White House Correspondents’ Dinner for President Barack Obama and he went out with a classic, comedic, historic, 30-minute routine that practically upstaged the featured comedian Larry Wilmore. The President started off with an apology for being a little late. “I was running on C-P-T, which stands for jokes that white people… Read more »

POTUS Reveals Secret To Successful Marriage [VIDEO]

The first couple is spending their last Valentines Day in The White House. Barack visited with Ellen and shares his recipe for a successful marriage. Take not fellas. He is the most powerful man in the world and is madly in love with his wife.