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Cowboys Tops Forbes Most Valuable List

The Dallas Cowboys once again top the Forbes Most Valuable sport teams list. Franchise owner, Jerry Jones’ franchise is worth $4.2 billion. With the breakout season the Cowboys had last year and the demand for Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott jerseys, merchandise sales is way up too! Dallas Cowboys top Forbes

Cowboys Celebrate 25th Anniversary Super Bowl Win

Dallas Cowboys celebrated the 25th Anniversary of  winning Super Bowl XXVII. Owner Jerry Jones was also honored for being selected this year to enter the Football Hall of Fame. Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys 28 years ago for $140 million dollars. Today the franchise is worth $4 billion. We Dem Boyz!!!! This weekend he… Read more »

Dallas Cowboys End Season In Heartbreaking Loss

Our Dallas Cowboys end the awesome 2016-2017 season with a last minute loss to the Green Bay Packers 34-31 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington on Sunday night. After the banner season the Cowboys achieved it was really heart-breaker. Thank you Dallas Cowboys for the hard work you put in for a great season and the… Read more »

Ezekiel Elliot Excited To Get Back On Field

Ezekiel Elliott talks about getting back into the action as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Green Bay Packers today here in Arlington. Last week Zeke scared the heck out of everyone when the NFL MVP was involved in a minor car accident in Frisco.

NFL MVP Ezekiel Elliott [VIDEO]

NFL, MVP Ezekiel Elliott has rested up after nearly three weeks off and is poised for the biggest moment in his career. The Dallas Cowboys are ready for the Road To The Super Bowl. The running back feels like it’s a whole new season. I get chills just thinking about it! #FinishThisFight #DallasCowboys

Why Cowboys Will Win SuperBowl

Cris Carter give his take on how the Dallas Cowboys can win big this season. He breaks it down by the numbers and it all adds up to a Championship.

Tony Dorsett On Ezekiel Elliott Breaking Record

The legendary Tony Dorsett was on hand to cheer on The Dallas Cowboys and was rooting for Ezekiel Elliott to break his rushing record.  Zeke didn’t disappoint, he broke the Cowboys’ single season rushing record in just 10 games. See what Tony Dorsett said prior to today’s game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Dez Bryant Is Back!

Dez Bryant is expected to return to the Dallas Cowboys’ lineup tonight against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys wide receiver missed the last three games with a knee injury. Dak Prescott has a few more games under his belt it will be exciting to see these two reunite on the filed tonight. More from ESPN…. Read more »

Cowboys Head To Cali With 2 of 3 Wins [WATCH]

The Dallas Cowboys have to feel pretty good about the start of the 2016-2017 season, with two rookies showing promising performances so far.  No Tony Romo and new this week Dez Braynt is out due to a hair-line fracture of the knee.