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Wall Street Manager New Trump Communications Director

Donald Trump has hired Walls Street Hedge Fund manager Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House Communications Director. The funny part is Scaramucci has been a Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporter. He has even deleted anti-Trump tweets he mad during the campaign.  Things in Washington just got crazier. Here is one from the REWIND… Read more »

Which Trump Do You Believe? [WATCH]

When it comes to Donald Trump it is hard to know where he stands on many issues. All the chaos within the administration makes it  hard to get to the truth. Watch trump give conflicting opinions on Mexico and Paris. A man is allowed to change his mind but this behavior leaves more questions than answers.

Trump Blocks White House Visitor Logs

In another unprecedented move the Trump administration has blocked access to White House visitor logs. Today the White House announced that the visitor log will stay a secret until at least five years after Trump leaves office. WTH!!!!!! I guess he doesn’t want to release the names of all the spies from foreign governments that… Read more »