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Martin Luther King III Meets With Trump

The son of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr joined President-elect Donald trump at Trump Tower in New York to discuss voting rights. Is this another photo opportunity for “The Donald” or what? MLK II invited Trump to visit his father’s memorial in Washington D.C., for the King Holiday, instead Trump’s team proposed a… Read more »

Donald Trump, Send Messages by Courier?

President-elect Donald Trump says that he doesn’t use email or a computer. In fact he said, “if you have something very important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old fashion way.” Sound like the Pony Express. He added no computer is safe. This gets more bizarre by the moment.

Melania Trump Not Moving Into White House?

This whole Donald Trump, reality star goes to Washington gets more bizarre by the moment. The world’s alleged greatest negotiator can’t convince his family to move into the White House. Melania claims that she doesn’t want to change her son’s school. Every presidential family has moved into the White House in January, it is a… Read more »

Trump Keeping Obamacare [WATCH]

Donald Trump is back-peddling already on one of the main promises he made during his run for the Oval Office. He admits he likes the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and said he is keeping the lifesaving healthcare mandate. Let me guess, he will modify a few provisions and slap his name on it and… Read more »

Angela Rye Talks Politics Using Facts [VIDEO]

CNN contributor Angela Rye shares the facts about the economy and the American ghetto that Donald Trump referred to when he says he wants to help revitalize.  Angela Rye who is the former director of the Congressional Black Caucus was personally attacked by Katrina Pierson in this exchange.

Clinton & Trump Seated Together For Charity [WATCH]

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exchange insults in the name of charity. The entire evening was interesting to say the least, it was really more awkward than anything. Hillary landed some really good jokes about The Donald.

Bill Maher On Trump You Can’t Be Serious

I didn’t understand exactly what was going on with Donald Trump Tweeting negativer comments about a former beauty queen but Bill Maher gives the best explanation I heard so far. Presidential candidate Donald Trump is “Slut-Shaming” former Miss Universe 1996. Why is “The Donald” up at 3 in the morning anyway? (WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE) Yes,… Read more »

[WATCH] Trump Surrogate Exposed as Fraud

Pastor Mark Burns rose into the national spotlight after his speech in support of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. The South Carolina pastor has been caught exaggerating his credentials. I think it is called lying and Pastor Burns you are BUSTED!!! See for yourself.