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SNL Christmas Caroling With Hillary LOL

The election may be over but the political-related comedy is kicking it up a notch on Saturday Night Live. This skit is hilarious, it’s good for a holiday laugh.

FBI Director: Clinton Email Probe Over

BREAKING NEWS… In a letter to Congress the FBI director, James Comey confirms that the email probe is over according to CNN. The recent email leaks have dominated the political news for the last week has turned out to be a non-event. The majority of emails in this latest batch were personal or duplicates from… Read more »

Angela Rye Talks Politics Using Facts [VIDEO]

CNN contributor Angela Rye shares the facts about the economy and the American ghetto that Donald Trump referred to when he says he wants to help revitalize.  Angela Rye who is the former director of the Congressional Black Caucus was personally attacked by Katrina Pierson in this exchange.

Clinton & Trump Seated Together For Charity [WATCH]

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exchange insults in the name of charity. The entire evening was interesting to say the least, it was really more awkward than anything. Hillary landed some really good jokes about The Donald.