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Third Times A Charm LeBron Or Steph Curry

Stephen A Smith talks who has the most to prove in the 2017 NBA Final. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers go at it for the third time Thursday June 1, 2017. This break in between the Conference Playoffs and the start of the finals is way too long.

LeBron James Defines ‘Locker Room Talk’

Many athletes have been trying to figure out what locker room Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been hanging out in, after his lewd comments that were caught on tape were released to the public last week. Trump defended his comment as nothing more than “locker room talk.”  LeBron announced he supports Hillary Clinton for President…. Read more »

King James Takes A Stand On Gun Control

Cleveland Cavalier’s star LeBron James has had enough of the gun violence and is pushing for tougher gun regulations after a 5-month-old was shot in Cleveland on Thursday. Three children in the Cleveland area have been killed by guns in the past month and that is three too many. Check out what the NBA, MVP had to… Read more »