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Meghan Markle At US Open To Support Serena

Serena Williams’ coach was worried about The Duchess of Sussex’ surprise visit at 2019 US Open Women’s Final to support Serena Williams. Meghan Markle’s presence could be a distraction this afternoon. Tennis player’s are very superstitious and Serena lost when Meghan attended Wimbledon. Serena keeps asking if Meghan is attending and her coach keeps telling… Read more »

Meghan Markle Made Surprise Wimbledon Appearance

Meghan Markle made a surprise visit to Wimbledon. It is the first outing alone since giving birth. The Duchess of Sussex is getting out of the royal shadows for the American Holiday. The first time mom was spotted at Wimbledon by herself. Markle blended in with the crowd by rocking a blazer and some jeans…. Read more »

Black Panther Tops 2018 Google Searches

Google released the 2018 Top-Trending Searched list. The “Year In Search” list is a run-down of the most popular events; news, people and movies based on data from trillions of Google searches.  Black Panther was the top trending search in the entertainment category and the only movie or television show that made the top 10… Read more »

Michelle Obama Offers Advice to Meghan Markle

A former First Lady of the United States is offering some advice to royal Meghan Markle. Best-Selling author Michelle Obama is telling the Duchess of Sussex not to “be in a hurry to do anything.” Obama continues: “Like me, Meghan probably never dreamt that she’d have a life like this, and the pressure you feel—from… Read more »

African-American Culture & British Monarchy Merge #RoyalWedding

Meghan Markle represented for the culture in a historic Royal moment after moment today as she married Prince Harry in front of the world. We have the entire broadcast for you want to hear the message from Bishop Michael Curry. See his message of LOVE at the 2:50 mark, it was inspiring! Bishop Curry is… Read more »

Inside Meghan Markle’s Toronto Home [VIDEO]

Soon to be princess Meghan Markles’ former Toronto home has been put on the market. The 3-bedroom home that she rented while filming Suits is now listed for $1.39 million according to It is also the place where she a Prince Harry reportedly spent a lot of time when they first met.