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Cowboys’ Legends Weigh In on Zeke Elliott [WATCH]

Former Cowboys’ Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith share their thoughts on Ezekiel Elliott’s 6-game suspension for a domestic violence investigation. These two Hall-of-Fame legends express concern for Zeke’s off-the-field issues. Your gift will take you to a place that your person is not prepared for…

Cowboys Celebrate 25th Anniversary Super Bowl Win

Dallas Cowboys celebrated the 25th Anniversary of  winning Super Bowl XXVII. Owner Jerry Jones was also honored for being selected this year to enter the Football Hall of Fame. Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys 28 years ago for $140 million dollars. Today the franchise is worth $4 billion. We Dem Boyz!!!! This weekend he… Read more »

Mean Tweets Pro Football Edition [WATCH]

NFL players are human and it’s not easy dealing with disgruntle fans and internet trolls but these guys handled with grace. Take a look at Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets”. The look on their faces is hilarious!