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Michelle Obama Most Admired Woman In The World

Move over Angelina Jolie and Oprah, Michelle Obama is the Most Admired Woman In The World!  The incredible former first lady tops the list of the ‘World’s Most Admire Women’ according to the annual study by YouGov. The study interviewed over 42 thousand people from 44 countries. Oprah came in followed by Angelina Jolie and… Read more »

Apple Announces Multi-Media Deal With Oprah

Two giants come together to enrich our lives to the fullest! This week Apple announced a major, multi-year entertainment partnership with the media mogul Oprah Winfrey.  Oprah will produce original content for Apple across its streaming platforms. The deal between Oprah and Apple will also allow the media queen to do film, TV, applications, books or… Read more »

Oprah’s Interview With Barbara Bush [WATCH]

Mourners gathered in Texas to pay tribute and say goodbye the former, First Lady of The United States of America Barbara Bush.  Barbara Bush died at her Houston home this past Tuesday at the age of 92. Oprah spoke with Mrs. Bush in 1989 on how to prepare to be the ‘First Lady’.

Diversity Takes Top Spot At Box Office [WATCH]

Diversity Takes Top Spot At Box Office in a historic Hollywood milestone. Diversity and Black movie producers rule the box office again this weekend. ‘Black Panther’ and ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ dominated ticket sales. It’s not just a huge win for Disney, it’s a huge wind for black Hollywood producers. Ryan Coogler-directed ‘Black Panther’ pulls… Read more »

Oprah Tells Story Of Henrietta Lacks

The story of Henrietta Lacks now known as “The Mother of Modern Medicine” finally made it to the screen for all to see. Many people had never heard of her but have benefited from her stolen tissue and her cells hat researchers have used for the past 60 years.  After the HBO special this weekend… Read more »

Fireside Chat First Lady Michelle Obama & Oprah

Michelle Obama is one if not the most educated First Lady’s in the history of this country. She championed causes that improved the quality of life for Military Families and children across the United States. Because of the color of her skin she has been portrayed far too many times as the “Angry Black Woman”…. Read more »

Queen Sugar Reveals Charley’s Dark Side [WATCH]

Extreme circumstances at the Bordelon Sugar Farm cause Charley Bordelon West to switch into “Beast Mode” and show the dark side of her business savvy. The season finale of Queen Sugar airs November 30, 2016 on OWN.

‘Queen Sugar’ Blends Drama & History [VIDEO]

The new surprise for prime-time television is a hit this season is Own TV’s ‘Queen Sugar’. The drama directed by Ava DuVernay, is the sweetest recipe for a cinematic look at the complexities a black family life. It features beautiful people that look like us struggle with love, divorce, money, scandals, adultery, strong black women… Read more »

[WATCH] Oprah’s Message of Empowerment

Oprah’s made her first appearance at the Essence Festival in New Orleans last weekend. Her words of encouragement, empowerment were truly inspirational and spiritual. In this session Oprah takes it church!