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Kofi Siriboe Explains Why He’s Single [WATCH]

There is nothing worse that a man that doesn’t know what he wants or a man that pretends he is ready for a commitment and he really isn’t. That alone can ruin lives. It takes an honest man will admit he is still finding himself, he is not happy with himself and therefore not ready… Read more »

Queen Sugar’s Jaw Dropping Mid-Season Finale

Hands down ‘Queen Sugar’ is a hit and has gained more popularity and even higher ratings than season one. Family legacy, complicated relationship and police brutality come together for a unique blend of the daily struggles of the Bordelon family.  Director, Amanda Marsalis talks the dramatic mid-season finale and breaks down the plot twist. Dawn-Lyen… Read more »

Queen Sugar For Kofi Siriboe Has Been Life Changing [WATCH]

Kofi Siriboe is the newest Hollywood sex symbol. The co-star of Own-TV’s hit show ‘Queen Sugar’ talks about how his life has changed in the past year. He is also sprinkling us with vapes in the new hit movie ‘Girls Trip.’ It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, he is mighty FINE!!!!

Own’s Queen Sugar focus Father & Son Reconnecting

The Bordelon Family is back this Tuesday on OWN. Since it’s Father’s Day I thought I would share a sneak peak into character Davis West, (played by Timon Kyle Durrett.) He is on a mission to heal his fractured relationship with his son, after an embarrassing national scandal. ‘Queen Sugar’ is back for a two-night… Read more »

Queen Sugar Reveals Charley’s Dark Side [WATCH]

Extreme circumstances at the Bordelon Sugar Farm cause Charley Bordelon West to switch into “Beast Mode” and show the dark side of her business savvy. The season finale of Queen Sugar airs November 30, 2016 on OWN.

‘Queen Sugar’ Blends Drama & History [VIDEO]

The new surprise for prime-time television is a hit this season is Own TV’s ‘Queen Sugar’. The drama directed by Ava DuVernay, is the sweetest recipe for a cinematic look at the complexities a black family life. It features beautiful people that look like us struggle with love, divorce, money, scandals, adultery, strong black women… Read more »