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SNL: Melissa McCarthy Is Back As Sean Spicer

Melissa McCarthy is back as Donald Trump’s, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin nails Donald Trump on another epic episode of Saturday Night Live. It’s the return of the Wacko White House Press Briefing. After this week in U.S. politics we need a good laugh because most of this madness is really disrespectful to… Read more »

Melissa McCarthy Spoofs Sean Spicer Again SNL

Melissa McCarthy has mastered the mannerisms of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live. 45 is not pleased with the portrayal and expressed his feeling via Twitter again. This is hilarious.

White House Press Secretary Goes In On Press Over Size…

In the first full day as the new White House Press Secretary, Shawn Spicer had to defend Donald Trump’s size of the Inauguration crowd. Spicer rips the press about what they are calling “lies” that his Inauguration crowd was the biggest in history of this country. The press conference felt like more Russian propaganda. These… Read more »