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Facebook and Instagram Went Down Today!

Did you notice Facebook and Instagram went down earlier today. If you were trying to see what your friends were up to earlier today but noticed that you couldn’t post you were not alone. Both social media services went down keeping many users including me offline. A Facebook spokesperson told USA Today, “We’re aware that some people… Read more »

Reasons Why You Should Take a Social Media Break

When the drama is too much you will notice that many artists, public figures and regular folks will take a break from social media. You may notice some of your own friends taking a break from social media. Sometimes you have to focus on priorities rather rather than spending hours scrolling when you could be… Read more »

Facebook Is Scanning Your Messages [WATCH]

If you thought think your Facebook Messenger conversations are private chats between two people think again. Facebook confirmed last week that it uses an automatic tool to scan illegal activities and malware. Even though that sounds like a reasonable safeguard your interactions across the platform is not private.  Scanning for safety is one thing saving… Read more »