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Tamron Hall Surprises Fans With Baby News!!!

Tamron Hall announces she is expecting her first child! The talk show is pulling not one but two surprises today. The former Today Show host shared the news on Instagram today; she is expecting her first child is secretly married and has announced her new show has a start date. Read Hall announced her pregnancy… Read more »

Tamron Hall Fans Flood NBC With Calls

Tamron Hall Responds After Fans Bombard NBC to Bring Her Back After Megyn Kelly Gets the Ax You may recall that before Megyn Kelly got her time slot on NBC, the slot belonged to Tamron Hall and Al Roker. Well, now that Megyn is out, fans have been all over Tamron’s social media comments asking… Read more »

Tamron Hall Returns To Daytime TV With Disney Deal

Tamron Hall has landed a new TV deal with her previous employer’s rival. The journalist and former ‘Today’ Show host and MSNBC anchor has entered into a agreement to develop a new syndicated daytime talk show with Disney/ABC.  She worked for NBC for a decade but was replaced by Megyn Kelly which has turned out… Read more »