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Steve Harvey’s Ex Wife Arrested For Contempt



Shut the front door~  we just has learned that the ex-wife of radio personality and comedian Steve Harvey, Mary Lee Harvey previously filed a child abuse claim to Steve after the Family Feud host abused their son.  That’s not all… according to Mediatakeout, shortly after that report, Mary was TAKEN TO JAIL – for contempt of court. A Texas judge found that Mary should NOT HAVE SHOWN that report to anyone – and so they LOCKED HER UP. The Texas judge plans on holding her IN JAIL through Christmas and into early next year.

According to the report filed that is shown on media takeout, the complaint was filed, October 18, 2008 after their son, Wynton who was 11 at the time came to visit his mother Mary in Dallas. Wynton who lives in Atlanta with his father, was seen with bodily bruises and puncture marks, from an apparent whipping.

The punishment was rendered due to the fact, Wynton lied about turning in his homework to his teacher. In the report filed, the comedian’s son said that he was whipped with a belt and also a paddle.

The examinier at Plano Medical Center reported wounds and cuts to the childs legs, thighs and more. According to Mary another incident occurred when their son was 9-years-old.

After evidence was collected, Child Protective Services was contacted and a copy was issued to Ms. Harvey.

According to balleralert, at the time of the accident, in 2008, a child psychologist, a pediatrician and others examined the child and Mary reported that their were no internal damages done as a result of the apparent abuse.

The mother of Harvey’s son also claimed that Steve did not allow their son to visit her per the court order.

Court order determined that Mary was allowed visitations for two weekends out of the month, but the mother claimed that she had not seen her son since the report was filed in mid October.

I sure hate to hear that, especially knowing all the good in the hood Steve has done and continues to do!


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