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Michelle Obama In Hawaii With Oprah



A lot of buzz was created when President Obama and his daughters returned to freezing cold Washington, D.C., on Sunday, but the first lady remained in Hawaii “to spend time with friends” ahead of her upcoming 50th birthday party.  Turns out, the Michelle Obama friends include Oprah Winfrey.

According to Rolling Out online, The Obama family had been vacationing in Kailua, on the island of Oahu, for two weeks, but caravans of black SUVs and Maui police cars near Oprah’s 11-room, 17-acre estate in Kula, Maui, are fueling suspicions that the first lady hopped over to the Valley Isle on Sunday.

Although the first lady’s office did not confirm the visit, Paul Meyer, a Maui local, told The Maui News that his routine bike ride near Oprah’s estate was interrupted by barricades of policemen and “Secret Service agents.”

“Two young guys were there and Maui police officers, and they said the road is going to be closed for the next week,” Meyer said. “I asked, ‘Is Michelle Obama in town?’ and the policeman just nodded.”

UMPH, I STILL think that #Selfie that the Pres took at the Mandela memorial has a little something to do with it!! LOL~

pres selfie

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