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3 Year Old Argues With Mom Over Cupcakes



I heard Steve Harvey talking about this video so I had to go find and share with you! Ya know, kids will do ANYTHING to be able to eat dessert before dinner. They’ll sneak the sweets or throw a tantrum, but one child made his case clear in a video that’s gone viral. The 3-year-old Latino boy was recorded by his mom, Linda Beltran, putting up a fight over having a cupcake for dinner.

His mom recorded the whole thing and it’s suffice to say that he may have a career in politics or law someday!

I don’t know WHERE THEY DO THAT AT, But the video starts off with the boy insisting that his mom listen to him. His mom counters him and says that he isn’t listening to her. He gets aggravated and says to his mom, “Linda, but listen to me!” and tries proving his argument for having a cupcake.

His mom gets upset and reveals that he tried to convince his grandmother to give him cupcakes after she told him no. She says that he and his little brother Kevin don’t listen to her and that she should spank them for that.

Like a good older sibling, the boy defends his brother and tells his mom that she can’t spank him because he’s his little “Bop bops” (at least that’s what it sounds like he says). She tells him that they don’t listen which is why they deserve “pow pows” in their butts.

My favorite part is when the boy gestures to the kitchen table and says, “But Linda, honey, honey, look at this. We can’t do anything if we can’t get anything out.” The mom still holds her ground and tells him he can’t have a cupcake for dinner, but the rambunctious 3-year-old keeps going at it. Mama Linda at this point tells hims he’s done arguing with him.

This video was just TOO much! It totally reminded me of when I was little and tried to have dessert for dinner too. My mom would say things similar to Linda about giving me “pow pows,” but I wouldn’t call her by first name. This 3-year-old has guts defying his mom’s respect that way. Oh well, at least he has a bright future as a lawyer as he has proven in his online debut.

So does he get his cupcake? Well… CHeck It Out And See!

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