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Was The Porsha Williams Drama Created To Promote New Song



This story RIGHT HEEEERE!!!!! Straight DRAMA!!!  Getcha popcorn, because after weeks of waiting, drama finally dropped this week that Porsha Williams’ secret boo is supposedly Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, 42, son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea. Most of us were like, WTH and were left scratching their heads about who Mangue is, it’s alleged that Williams isn’t the first celeb that Mangue has dated. It’s about to get goooood!  Not only is he SUPPOSEDLY dating Porsha, but I JUST read where he is SUPPOSED-TO-BE dating actress Tamela Jones too!!


At first, I thought she was tryna generate a lot of buzz, because she is preparing to launch her music career after successfully starring in Kandi Burruss’ musical. The reality star, who’s hoping to make a splash in the music industry, will debut her first ever track “Flatline” March 17 on iTunes. The reality star also plans to release a music video to accompany the single.

Porsha 2

“My new single “FLATLINE” available on iTunes March 17th!! #TruthWillBeTold #CantWaitToShare#Flatline,” Williams captioned the above photo of the single’s artwork.

But THAT ain’t it, because according to The, Mangue was previously involved in a relationship with rapper Eve before she met her fiancé, Maximillion Cooper.


Although it’s clear that both Eve and Mangue have moved on from each other, the site reports that Mangue’s financial past has come back to haunt him on several occasions.

“Reportedly, a number of his uberly expensive luxury vehicles were impounded by investigators as part of a two-week raid of his 101-room mansion near the Champs Elysees. Apparently, there was some type of investigation into the alleged theft of billions of dollars of public funds by African despots and their families. Authorities seized his mansion and property when they found it had been purchased using money transferred from state funds,” read the report.

And that’s where Mangue’s past leads back to Eve once again. Back in 2010, the Philly rapper came under investigation from the U.S. during their major investigation into the illicit movement of millions of foreign dollars through the American financial system from the accounts of Mangue. However, no charges were brought up against Eve.

As previously reported, Mangue’s controversial past also extends to his father, Mbasogo. Mbbasogo is known as one of Africa’s most brutal and corrupt rulers who rose to power after he staged a military coup against his uncle. Since then, Mbasogo has been accused of torturing and murdering those who oppose his rule. And although he has grown rich off of Guinea’s massive oil production, his citizens live in abject poverty, many of whom don’t even have access to clean water.

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