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Ethan Couch Parties Up $2K Bar, Stripper Tab


Ethan Couch sure did ball while in Mexico! I guess he was thinking, “One Good Time For The Road”~ I’m talkin’ bout he partied sooo hard on strippers and booze, that his mother, Tonya, had to be woken up to pay his $2,000 tab! WOW! Now it looks like the “Affluenza Teen” may be headed back to Texas to face the music afterall, OR WILL HE? That’s what we intend to find out today!

In an online article, The Dallas Morning News talked with Marina Meza, who works at the hotel the Couches stayed at, and who noted the Couches odd behavior throughout their stay. For example, Meza recounted how she had to go wake up Tonya Couch one night because her son had been escorted home by a waiter and a manager from two local gentlemen’s clubs, and who demanded compensation for his gigantic tab.

“Then I found out about his past and thought that too was really odd,” Meza said. “He didn’t have enough money to pay the bar bill, and his mother had to bail him out.”

Unlike in the United States, where The Daily Mail noted patrons usually pay for services upfront, most strip joints in Puerto Vallarta run up tabs to be settled at the end of the night. Club staff reported that Couch got extremely drunk at both joints, and that he burned through over $2,000 of his mother’s cash

According to an online article, Ethan, 18, and his mother, Tonya Couch, 48, were arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Dec. 28 after U.S. Marshals and other American law enforcement agencies had searched for them for nearly two weeks. Ethan was wanted in Texas for an alleged probation violation in a drunken-driving case.

Tonya Couch is scheduled to appear in U.S. court Tuesday. Read more.

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