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Jailbird Boyfriend Of $88M Powerball Winner Speaks Out


Seems like ever since we heard about Marie Holmes winning the Powerball in February 2015, everyone has had a lot to say about the ways in which she’s chosen to spend her money. Like KEEP bailing her boyfriend out of jail. Well, it IS her money isn’t it? LOL But real talk, she has done some good in the hood, like investing almost $10 million to help repair her church and aid struggling single moms who go to it. After receiving her lump sum of $88 million, Holmes paid the $3 million in bail to free the father of her youngest child (she has four total), who had been sitting in jail after being arrested in November 2014 on heroin trafficking charges. Since then, she’s bailed him out two more times, tried to defend her choices on social media, and received quite the side-eye from the public.


But according to an online article, McDow (the individual who deserves the sharpest of side-eyes), she’s just “standing by her man.”

In his first interview, Lamarr McDow spoke to The Daily Mail about his legal troubles, Holmes’s decision to come to his rescue at every expensive turn, and why he thinks the police are just out for him.

He’s come a long way, financially that is, since being arrested in 2014 and claiming only $120 in assets and 0 income. Since Holmes’s big win, not only has she paid for him to be free, she’s also laced him with a $15,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex watch, a gold and diamond bracelet and an attention-grabbing chain. She’s also helped him set up an auto-repair business (that has employed 11 young people McDow says he wants to keep off the streets) and a new pickup truck. Many are asking why she has done so much for someone who has provided her with such a headache.

“We are a couple, and I am the father of her youngest child,” McDow said. “This is what people do for each other. She has the money and she can do what she wants with it.” Read more from source.

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