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Woman Becomes Internet Star After Hilarious Interview


I’m talkin’ bout ALL MY SIDE HURTS after watching the hilarious Live interview of a woman talking about her apartment catching fire! Although the situation AINT FUNNY, her interview WAS!!! LOLOLOL!!! ‘We AIN’T gonna be in no fire today! I got my three kids and we BOUNCED out’: Woman becomes internet star after hilarious TV interview about her apartment catching fire”.

Baby I ain’t never LAUGHED SOO HARD and neither have the gazillion people who’ve watched the video! According to the article, Michelle Dobyne told News on 6: ‘She told me she heard a popping noise, and I said “What?” and she said “Yeah”, I said “Naww”.’

Ms Dobyne then goes on to explain how she then saw a neighbour taking her child outside without any shoes on.


She said: ‘Aww girl it’s cold outside, she said “something ain’t right, I said “what?” and then she said”Aww man the building is on fire.

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