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McDonalds Testing New Chocolate Fries


McDonalds is off the hook lately with new products! Have you heard the restaurant is now testing a spin on it’s classic French fries, drizzling them with chocolate and calling them McChoco Potato. Umm YEP, you heard right!! You can have your fries with two types of chocolate sauces: chocolate with cacao flavor and white milk chocolate. Wait, WHAT? isn’t that like the ULTIMATE DREAM THO? McDonalds fries AND CHOCOLATE!! LOL~


According to an online article, McDonald’s hopes this combination will give customers a salty and sweet harmonious taste, so the customer can eat them as a side to a burger, or as a dessert. Now let us NOT FORGET this ain’t the first time Mickey D’s tried their hand at fancy fries! Remember they had those SHAKER FRIES.. YUCK! LOL~ Stick to the regular ones.. ARENT THEY LIKE, THE BEST EVER FRIES!! But those chocolate ones might be worth a try! Would You Eat Them?

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