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Blizzard Dumps Snow On East Coast, Affects Travel


This Blizzard has affected a lot of people from the Midwest all the way thru to the east coast, dumping up for 2 feet of snow in some areas and reeking havoc on the roadways! In my home state of Kentucky, one highway is literally at a stand still! Interstate 75 traffic has been diverted at Exit 41 northbound and diverted at exit 76 southbound. Kentucky State Troopers are assisting vehicles to divert off the highway in order to clear the roads.


Get this, according to source, it’s soo bad that the Red Cross is establishing shelters for motorists stranded due to the road closure.

If your planning on doing any traveling in or out of the airports today, please call ahead to check your flight as many in the country have either been delayed or cancelled all together!

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