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Inmate Locked In Scalding Shower Dies By “Accident”


OMG this is terrible!! An inmate dies while in prison and a civil rights group has stepped up its call for a federal inquiry into Florida’s troubled prison service. This comes after a medical examiner reportedly ruled the death of an inmate who was locked under a scalding shower by prison guards for almost two hours an accident.

shower burning

Accoring to the story online, Darren Rainey, who was schizophrenic, died in June 2012 after he was confined to a tiny cubicle at the psychiatric unit of the Dade correctional institution near Homestead, with corrections officers controlling the water temperature from outside. Several inmates reported hearing Rainey, 50, screaming to be let out while another later claimed he was made to scrape chunks of the dead prisoner’s burned-off flesh from the cubicle floor. Read more from source.

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