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Woman Killed For Rejecting Man’s Date


This is a sad story all the way around! Woman are getting killed by men just for rejecting dates, now? This is such a coward move on any man’s part! Just move on playa, you don’t have to kill a woman just for turning you down and your ego is bruised!! That is soo ridiculous and is exactly what happened early on the morning of Jan. 22, to 29-year-old Pittsburgh woman Janese Talton-Jackson. Earlier in the evening, Talton-Jackson had been at a bar called Cliff’s, where a man named Charles McKinney, 41, reportedly approached her to ask her for a date. Police say the woman rejected McKinney’s advances shortly before closing time, then left the bar. When she did, McKinney followed her outside, shot her in the chest and fled. Talton-Jackson was found laying in the city street, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

girl killed

According to CBS Pittsburgh, McKinney was apprehended after being shot by Pittsburgh police officers in the course of a shootout. (The officers involved in the chase have been placed on administrative leave for opening fire on the suspect.) He is in stable condition and has been charged with homicide. Read more from source.

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