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Adele Tells Trump To Stop Using Her Music


OMY, LMBOOOOOO Did you hear that Adele has asked Donald Trump to fall back from using her music on his campaign trail? LOL~ I guess it’s safe to say, SHE AINT VOTING FOR THE DONALD! LOL!

Here’s how it all went down, according to an article online, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been apparently using Adele’s music and playing it at his rallies without her permission. Now she’s putting a stop to that.

At a rally in Oklahoma, “Rolling in the Deep” played after Sarah Palin’s impassioned speech. Trump also used the “Skyfall” theme at an event in Ohio.

Fans tweeted their outrage, urging the British musician to ban Palin and Trump from using her music. LOL~ guess it worked! Read more from source.

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